After you subscribe to our quarterly or yearly plan we begin building your new HeptaBox from recyclable materials. The HeptaBox is how you'll sort your plastics. There are seven different categories which is why we gave it the name HeptaBox. If you don't know which plastic goes in which section just go to our learning page to see how to recycle the plastics (for example a water bottle uses 3 different types of plastics!). If that doesn't give you an answer you can contact us directly and our engineers will give you an answer. As we get more feedback we will update our database so you don't have to contact us every time you buy a new product that you want to recycle. The plastic we take is turned into filament for 3D printers or sheets of material for use on CNC machines. This is all done locally too so there is a 0% chance your plastic will end up in the ocean!

We are servicing any households within a 12 mile radius of Innovation Depot.

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